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Mystery Pin Packs

Mystery Pin Packs

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Can't decide which pins to get? Or do you just loveeee surprises? Mystery pin packs are here for you!

If you want to snag some pins at a discounted price, this is a really great option for you! Use the drop down menu and choose if you want a pack of 3 pins or a pack of 5.

Each pin pack will contain B or C grade enamel pins. Sometimes these pins are also referred to as "seconds."

So, what does B/C grade mean exactly? Here are my rough descriptions:

B Grade: Close to perfect. These pins might have a tiny dent, smudge, or scratch, a few pieces of glitter out of place, a small piece of paint missing, low enamel fill in certain areas, etc. These are still high quality pins.

C Grade: Slight defects. This could mean the screen printing is a little messy or faded in certain areas. Or it could mean there are a few scratches, colors out of place, a larger smudge, or something of that nature. These pins are still pretty good quality if you ask me.

- Each pin features a logo back stamp
- Each pin comes in its own poly bag on a cute backing card

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