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These enamel pins are of the highest quality, and are designed with love, for fans, by a fan! Whether you pin 'em on your jean jacket, backpack, cork board, or any other place your heart desires, these pins are guaranteed to brighten up your day!

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  • Marvolo's Ring Horcrux Enamel Pin
  • Salazar's Locket & Regulus's Letter Horcrux Enamel Pins
  • Nagini Horcrux Enamel Pin
  • The Boy Who Lived Horcrux Enamel Pin
  • Godric's Sword Enamel Pin
  • I Speak Fluent Parseltongue Enamel Pin
  • Make Love Not Horcruxes Enamel Pin
  • Hagrid's Motorbike Enamel Pin
  • Honeydukes Lollipops Enamel Pin
  • Things We Lose Enamel Pin
  • Spectrespecs Mandrake Enamel Pin
  • B/C/D Grade Enamel Pins - You Choose Which Ones You Want! (Discounted Pins)