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Hello! My name is Jenna, I was born in '86, and I'm a proud Hufflepuff. I was born and raised in northern California, (specifically the Bay Area) and still live here. I graduated from California College of the Arts in 2011 with a BFA in graphic design. I started selling my own art on Etsy in 2015, but created the brand Swish & Flick in April of 2018. I created Swish & Flick because I had stopped feeling creatively fulfilled at the graphic design job I had at the time, and wanted to get back to drawing and making art that I'm passionate about. I'm a lover of fantasy, the magical and mysterious, and the strange and unusual. I love creating fandom-inspired art that other fans will enjoy. I run Swish & Flick entirely on my own. That's right, I'm a one-woman-show! Besides art, music is my other passion. I love singing and playing guitar, and going to concerts whenever I can. I love tattoos; I have quite a few, including Alice In Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, Peter Pan, Where The Wild Things Are, and Harry Potter. I am a total open book and wear my heart on my sleeve. My pride and joy (my cat) is named Oliver and I love her to pieces. I'll end this here, but thanks so much for supporting my small business!