Collection: The Vault

Here you'll find pins that have sold out and are retired. The vault is locked and guarded by goblins, so these pins aren't coming out any time soon. Only once in a blue moon do the goblins open the vault...
11 products
  • Spectrespecs Mandrake Enamel Pin
  • Hagrid's Motorbike Light Up Enamel Pin
  • Baby Niffler Treasure Pile Enamel Pin
  • Hogwarts Alumni Enamel Pin
  • No Strange Creatures Enamel Pin
  • Make Love Not Horcruxes Enamel Pin
  • It's Real For Us Enamel Pin
  • Badger House Pride Yellow Enamel Pin
  • Eagle House Pride Blue Enamel Pin
  • The Niffler Who Lived Enamel Pin
  • Snake House Pride Green Enamel Pin