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These bags are tote-ally awesome! Made with high quality fabric, these tote bags are perfect for carrying your wand, books, groceries, or anything else you might want to take with you. Need something smaller? Check out the pencil cases!
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  • You're Just As Sane As I Am Spectrespecs Tote Bag
  • Badger House Pride Tote Bag
  • Eagle House Pride Tote Bag
  • Lion House Pride Tote Bag
  • Snake House Pride Tote Bag
  • Wizarding Objects Tote Bag
  • Wizarding School Subjects Tote Bag
  • Magic Spells Bolt Tote Bag
  • Magic Spells Tote Bag
  • Magic Spells House Colors Tote Bag
  • Wizarding Objects Blue Pencil Case
  • Wizarding Objects Tan Pencil Case
  • Wizarding School Subjects Light Blue Pencil Case
  • Wizarding School Subjects Gray Pencil Case
  • Magic Spells White Pencil Case
  • Magic Spells Black Pencil Case