UK & EU customers: due to certain tax laws, you will need to shop via my Etsy store (click here)


I'm in the UK/EU, why can't I place an order?
I am unable to charge VAT through Shopify. Etsy calculates and charges VAT automatically, so you can purchase from me there! This way there are no surprise fees upon delivery. Please head to my Etsy shop to order. If there's a product you see on Shopify that you don't see on Etsy, be sure to check the "Custom Order" listing on Etsy.

I got an email saying my order has shipped. Why hasn't the tracking number updated yet?
Shipping emails are automatically sent as soon as shipping labels are created and printed. Sometimes it takes a day or two to actually get scanned by the post office.

The tracking on my parcel seems to have stopped updating. It appears stuck and I'm worried it's lost in the mail.
Sometimes when parcels leave the country, the tracking number isn't updated along the entire way to its destination. This happens quite often and all of the sudden the parcel is delivered. Your package is still on its way, don't worry!

Can I combine multiple orders?
Unfortunately, no. I have hundreds of orders to keep track of and its really hard to keep track of things like this when multiple people ask to combine orders. Thanks for understanding! If there's an important reason why you need to combine orders, please email me and I'll see what I can do.

It's been a few weeks and my parcel still says "in transit." I'm worried it's lost in the mail. Can you check on it for me?
I can't see any information that you can't see, I only have the same tracking number that was given to you. If you are outside the U.S., it can sometimes take a while for parcels to arrive at their destinations. Rest assured, your package should arrive! I have sent thousands of packages out and maybe two or three have actually gotten lost in the mail. Sometimes things are returned to me, but they don't normally just vanish. USPS has also posted that everything is delayed a bit right now due to COVID-19. Thank you so much for your patience! Once I ship a parcel, it's literally out of my hands. Contact your local post office if you need assistance tracking down a package.

I placed my order a few days ago, why hasn't it shipped yet?
You will receive an email as soon as your parcel is ready to ship. Please keep in mind that Swish & Flick is run entirely by me alone (hi, I'm Jenna!). I'm a one-woman-show! So if I'm sick, or during busy times when I have hundreds of orders, it takes a bit of time to get all the packages shipped out. Please allow ~2 to 7 days processing time after placing orders. (I know people are used to Amazon shipping times! I appreciate your patience so much.) I promise I will always do my best to get your orders out as fast as possible!

When will "example item" be restocked / which items get restocked?Unfortunately, I can't give a time frame for when a specific item will be restocked, because most of the time I don't know. If you keep an eye on my Instagram, I usually announce in advance when things are going to be restocked. As far as which items get restocked once they sell out, here's the deal! I have many designs and I have to be very selective with which ones I reorder, since for most things I have to order 100 pieces per design at a time, as required by the manufacturing company I use. So basically I just pick and choose what to reorder and when, whenever I feel like it or whenever I can afford to. If something is popular, I usually restock it. I also have a "Vault" page on this site, which houses all the pins I don't plan on restocking, or at least not for the foreseeable future. If an item is sold out but hasn't been moved to the Vault page, it has the potential to be restocked. You can also sign up for restock notifications through the product page of each sold out product on my website. Go to the product page and simply enter your email address to be notified when that product is back in stock.

Have a question that's not covered here?

Please email with any questions or concerns you might have.